About Us

Our Knowledge and Experience

Established in 2009, Bully Creations has been in business for 8 years and we are only growing! Angela Brown, the artist behind Bully Creations, is known world wide for her impressive creations and unbeatable customer service in the Bully breed Community. She has the knowledge to help you with your event and create packages customized to your budget and needs.

Innovation and growth

Over the years Angela Brown has raised the bar for show trophies and Bully breed merchandise worldwide. She has incorporated 3D Printing into her work for crisp logo designs and to deliver new products to the Bully community. She can do amazing custom work to make your vision a reality! There is no minimum order requirement. Whether you need 1 item or a thousand, you receive the same personal experience through the ordering process.

Customer Service

Ordering from Bully Creations is simple. We strive to help make your event a success and less stressful. At least the award part. Angela is a distributor for ribbons as well, so you can order Ribbons and Trophies all in one place! 

 We offer a wide range of knowledge for most of the American Bully sanctioned registry events. Another set of eyes from a knowledgable Bully show expert is truly peace of mind worth having. Whether this is your first show or your tenth, we are here to help and guide you through. Repeat customers enjoy easy reordering as we keep record of each order. Just tell us what you have left over, and we can fill in the blanks. We customize packages specifically for the host. Tell us a budget and we will give you the most bang for your buck. If you are looking for a gift or to host a fun show, visit our online store or contact us today to get started, we are happy to get your needs met.

Important Information and FAQ

Show Order Timeline

To keep our high volume of orders shipping out on time and with good flow, we require show order customers to order a minimum of 20 business days before your event. 10% Priority charge if within this timeline. If you order within a 10 business day period a 15% Rush fee is charged. If ordered within a 5 business day period a 20% Rush fee and Overnight shipping is required.

This timeline is only for show orders as many are very large and have a deadline that needs to be met.

Trophy and Ribbon Order Combo

Purchasing ribbons and trophies together can relieve much stress and headache, we offer our packages with or without ribbons.

The process is simple. Follow these guidelines:

1. Contact us to create your package combo. 580-465-1207 bullycreations@hotmail.com

2. After your invoice is sent, review carefully and give us a GO AHEAD to submit the ribbon order. This does not mean they are paid for or sent to production yet.

3. It takes 3-5 business days for the ribbon company PDF files to come in for your review and approval. These files include the ribbon shipping and any fees. These costs will be added to the original invoice.

4. Review final invoice and pay as approval! Payment releases our liability to the order. 

Shipping Cost

Due to the nature of our products and having so many different combinations. All shipping cost is known and paid for on the day of shipment. All items need to be packed, weighed, and measured for a true shipping cost. Estimates can be given upon request, but it is NOT a guarantee of cost. If you choose to order through the online store, you may be contacted on the day of shipment to pay an actual shipping cost difference before your item is shipped out.

How long will it take to ship?


Our average our work time is 2 weeks to ship date. So always allow a 3 week window for arrival..remember these are hand made items that take quality and timely craftsmanship. Turn around time depends on the current order volume. Some orders are able to ship within a couple days.

Commissions and Custom Work

Custom creations are our specialty! We use a combination of hand sculpted designs with 3D modeling and printing. This allows for some amazing masterpieces. Whatever your vision is, we can make it a reality. 

Custom work is not cheap for labor or material cost. On average, if you're wanting a 12"-18" custom trophy made, You must have a budget of around $1500-$3000 to work with. Each project is unique so contact Angela Brown for your quote.

How pricing is broke down

1. Modeling and Sculpting labor/design

2. 3D Printing cost if the design requires it.

3. Silicone Mold fee - To cast duplicates of the original sculpture.

4. First Cast - This is a low cost to preserve the first solid casting to make future molds with, as the original clay model will be destroyed in the first molding process.

The cost of the commission is a one time cost. This does not include the actual item to be casted. Once the sculpture/trophy is made and has a silicone mold ready to cast, then you will place the order for how many items you need. This will be a separate invoice. 

Note: The average life of a single silicone mold can be anywhere from 20-80 castings or 1-2 years of shelf life. When the mold is bad, you are responsible for the cost to make another new silicone mold of your design.

Affordable customization!

3D Printing has revolutionized the trophy quality and options at Bully Creations. Don't have the budget to create a custom trophy from scratch? Not a problem, an affordable option iis to have us create your show name, special design, or kennel logo into a 3D model and 3D Print it to be used on any of our generic customizable logo trophies. All designs must be made within a circle as the place to fit the custom design is a circle shape on each trophy. 

Featured Products

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